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On Invisible City

"Life exists as pathology in New York."
(off site link) Review and video

Night Walk book trailer

Invisible City book trailer

The four books of the four books talk.

Oculus book trailer

The International Center of PhotographyFrom the ICP talk: Picture History, a talk on A New History of Photography: The World Outside and the Pictures In Our Heads

Matt Johnston talking about Ken Schles' Invisible City, A Digital Resource.

The International Center of Photography Photographer Lecture Series Invisible City (audio only--not currently available)

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An interview on Invisible City on why it was invisible. Shot at Deichtorhallen, Haus der Photographie, Hamburg Germany.

"Life exists as pathology in New York." Michael Kurcfeld of the Los Angeles Review of Books examines Ken Schles' work from the East Village depicted in his recently published Steidl photobooks. This 7 minute interview with Schles comes during the books' U.S. release and just prior to his debut exhibition at the Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York.

Night Walk booktrailer with music courtesy of Sonic Youth.

Invisible City booktrailer with music courtesy of Live Skull.

Light Work hosts the Society for Photographic Education (SPE) Joint Regional Conference on "Photographers + Publishing": a talk by Ken Schles: Four Books (runtime 57:57).

Oculus book trailer (runtime 12:00).

The International Center of Photography lecture: Picture History (runtime: 45:00). Opens on their site in a new window.

Matt Johnston describes his eBook Ken Schles' Invisible City, A Digital Resource (runtime 04:30) and gives background on the origins of the Photobook Club. Direct download link for the free eBook is here, but enjoy Matt's video first. This eBook is also downloadable in iTunes or directly from your iPad.

Invisible City: Nightwalk, Fragments and Alternates unique book dummy made for Paris Photo exhibition, 2011, a page turn video. (runtime 04:42). Brooklyn: Ken Schles,, 2011.. Unique copy. Small quarto. Introductory poem, 'Nightwalk', by Octavio Paz. An alternate version of Schles's Invisible City, consisting of images printed on Epson proofing paper in an accordion fold-out, and bound between rough-cut card covers. To construct this book, Schles took original photographs from an expanded dummy of Invisible City and reinvented it into a new narrative. None of the pictures appear in the original publication. There is also new text by Schles in the rear, as well as an except from Kathy Acker's Janey Becomes a Woman. A video of the making of this project can be seen at: Fine condition. Brooklyn: Ken Schles US. This unique item is available through Harper's Books.

Invisible City: Photographs by Ken Schles a page turn video. (runtime 05:56).