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Group: Handsome

Song: Needles
Directed by Ken Schles for Sony Epic
48.9 Mb/runtime 3:21
(Handsome was a "supergroup" containing former Helmet guitarist Peter Mengede, ex-Quicksand guitarist Tom Capone, Cro-Mags drummer Pete Hines, bassist Eddie Nappi and vocalist Jeremy Chatelain, who also played bass in Jets To Brazil. Handsome released one album, entitled 'Handsome,' produced in Seattle by Terry Date in 1997. Tom Capone quit during the final tour, and was replaced by Donni Campion. The band split in 1998. This video is from their self-titled debut.)

Group: BRMC

Song: Whatever Happened to My Rock 'n Roll
Directed by Ken Schles and John Fagot for Virgin
41 Mb/runtime 3:45

Group: BRMC
Howl release commercial
(mages by Ken Schles)
2.7 Mb/20 seconds

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Handsome and BRMC